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  Monaco Blue 172
mate did u realise u were behind me on the way out of donington this avvo? i tried to wave but u were too busy peeling ur stickers off :eek: lol

thought u might catch us up on m42 but i was really caining it (for a change!) :eek:


ClioSport Club Member
lol....didn't notice i was directly behind you no.......then i did notice you on the other side after the roundabout but you were gone then...

we convoied back in 3 cars and was going to say to you but didn't have anyway of telling you...oh

we didn't hang about either
  Monaco Blue 172
thought i saw a vague look of recognition as i zoomed off the roundabout! hehe never mind, had to skate back cos my bf's got work to do.. but after raiding the minibar last nite its not coming together well :( eek