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Front bumper removal - Bolt stuck!!

Just been having a go at removing the front bumper on my 172. The top 10mm bolt underneath the arch won't come out. Managed to get the other one out, but this once just keeps spinning!! Starting to loose my rag lol.

Any tips or ideas? Before I rip it off with a crowbar lol
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Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

ClioSport Club Member
you need to stop the top hat nut moving. its broke free by the looks of it.

good luck getting something to hold it.... i ended up ripping mine off lol


ClioSport Club Member
  Mini Cooper S
Different bolt and different problem (just wouldn't move at all) but also just the one on the front bumper... so f**king annoying it really is. What you need the bumper off for?

Mine was to change the headlight washer jets, and I ended up just pulling the bumper forward (still attached by that one bolt) and rested it on the floor. Gave me enough access and completed the job fine without actually getting it off completely!
Right pain the ass!! Have ripped my hands to shreds haha. Ill try and stop the nut hat moving, ill give it one more chance otherwise its getting ripped out.

Removing the bumper to add yellow film to my fogs. Would try and do it without removing the bumper, but want to get it perfect. Going to replace all the nuts as they've seen better days. Rusted to bits.
hold it still with some long nose mole grips and drill the head off.. you wont need to bolt it back on their held on real well without them anyway.. the ones ive had off are anyway..