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front end finnished

  mk2 clio grande
finally finnished ma front end it now looks lie a sport haha got the bumper and fogs on today wot u all think


  Storm Grey 200
Bumpers no different? But a great improvement, upgrading the lights on a mk2ph1 really changes the front end!
  mk2 clio grande
well i had to change the bumper cos the old bumper didnt have the plates to take off to put fogs in so that was a must and i wanted the fogs and i think it looks better lol
  mk2 clio grande
na m8 didnt take all that long couple of hours for the head lights but riggin up the fogs was a real pain in the ass


  Focus TDCi
Looks a lot better. Will be fitting my dual optics next weekend.. you may be getting a PM or two if I can't figure out the guide lol.
  Flame Red Delight
i think i am going to hook up my foglights but i think i will need help any chance of coming through here mate ?
i also bought the fogs but not wired them up yet, already had a look and theres no wiring down there :( bad times
as said before, did you fully wire them up yourself??
  mk2 clio grande
ok so sorry for the delay on the posts haha forgot i had put this post up,
yes they are fully wired up even into the indicator stalk now anyone that wants me to send them a step by step to do these let me know and i will send renclio and jamescolli the step by step haha