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Front Wheel Bearing - symptoms.......

  Clio 182 Trophy. No. 189
I have a suspicion that one of my bearings is shot due to:

a) constant noise whilst driving (faint whisling / humming)

b) car seems to almost 'wander' and feel 'loose'

c) strange noise when turning at slow speeds

Do all these symptoms sound like a front bearing?

Car has only done 21k!?

  Golf GTD Mk7
might be, hard to tell unless you hear it. Hard to explain, but it should sound like something is rubbing, more prominent when turning.

Could be the drive shaft? Have a see if it makes the noise if you're not using the accellerator. Apply/take off and see if the noise follows the pattern. Again, more prominant when turning
  Clio 182 Trophy. No. 189
Tried it 'coasting' and noise still present if that helps? To me it definately sounds constant. Checked CV boots and they all appear undamaged.

  Golf GTD Mk7
jack it up and see if the wheel wobbles? saying that, not sure if that test works on the front :S
  Clio 182 Trophy. No. 189
Will get it in a garage next week - starting to worry me now and also drive me insane!
  ibiza cupra
think mine might be on its way out too. makes a horrid noise when going round islands but not when going strait or turning left. did the garage give you a price ?
just woundering what ill be looking at.
  Clio 182 Trophy. No. 189
Think the part is £20-£40 and up to 1.5 hrs labour. I would get a local grg to do mine.

  "Navy" N17 TWO
I'm getting the droning noise in mine too from 35mph & above (seems to be coming from the front)
Noise is still there when coasting

Will get it jacked up in the morning and spin the wheels to look/listen for play and find out which wheel it is

How are the front bearings changed BTW?



ClioSport Club Member
  F31 330d
jack it up and see if the wheel wobbles? saying that, not sure if that test works on the front :S

yep, mine got MOT advisories on the front wheel bearings. the wheels definately wobble 1mm or so when jacked up
  DCi 100
Not sure how they get them off but as far as I'm aware they compress them on using a clamp sorta thingy, under several tones of pressure.

I think I need both my rear's doing :/ But I might just do the passenger side as I know that is the one that makes the noise when going around roundabouts, but unsure if the quieter whine is from the drivers side.

Will see!