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fUbAr's TRAX pics

didn't take many... but here they are!

I have high quality, crystal clear shots on my comp for anyone who wants a copy... the ones in the album have been compressed several times which reduces quality :)

requests via PM with your email and the photo numbers please.

  Chocolate Bar™
lovely pics :) is the carbon bonnet a close up of mine or bubbles? i assume its bubbles as its shiney lol
  106 GTi
Nice pics - I will email a link to my friend Sarah as you have some shots of her Pink 106 GTi !
Guy said:
you seem to like pink sh*tters?? lol
lol i wondered who would notice...

i was under instruction by the missus to take pictures of anything pink! so i did :approve:
fUbAr said:
pmsl... i never took that pic :quiet:
No, I did*

*Sam if ur reading this, Dan had nothing to do with this photo from last year. He is not a pervert, I repeat he is NOT a pervert.
Well the previous years have typically been judged at Donny, FCS and TRAX...

admin feel free to use this pic for use on here if you need :)
  Vee dub
Congrats to the Freebone - well deserved, spent a fair bit on his valver...

join the trophy club mate :approve:


ClioSport Club Member
Fletch123 said:
Isn't the mint blue valver for sale on Piston Heads?
um.....i hope not....i haven't put it up there

apparently it was getting lots of attention yesturday though...i was boosted by that

cheers for the comments people and nice pics dan (cheers for the tyres to)