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Fuel pump priming

  RenaultSport clio 172 Cup
Been having a few problems starting my 52 reg 172 Cup lately. Starts up on second attempt though. Done some research on other posts and TDC sensor seams favourite. One thing I've noticed which is strange though is - When I put the key into the ignition for the first time and turn it so all the the ignition lights come on I can't hear the fuel pump priming up, if i then turn the key back to the 'accessory on' position and turn the ignition back on again the fuel pump primes. Is this normal? or can anyone try this on theirs for me as it could be contributing to my starting problem..Any help appreciated..cheers
  RenaultSport clio 172 Cup
FredYozzasport said:
sounds normal

we've just gone through our 3rd starter motor

3 starters !! thats going some. My starter seems fine, car turns over no problems it's just this priming cycle thats got me confused:S
  Clown Car
Something i have noticed with my 182 is that when i have switched ignition on and ignition lights/warning lights come on then go off, if i turn the key to start posistion immediately the engine will start first time.

But if i leave the ignition in the on posistion then do something else such as fit radio face plate or put something in boot then turn key to start posistion the chances are the engine will not start first time, maybe not at all, resulting in turning ignition off/on and start immediately.
  RenaultSport clio 172 Cup
Well went out this morning turned ignition on (No fuel pump noise) turned key back one click and then back onto ignition on position and heard the fuel pump prime up, I then started it and fired into life first time. If anyone could see if their fuel pump does the same thing that would be great...cheers
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