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  Mk3 SX
I have a dci 106 and a couple of weeks ago filled up my tank with Shell diesel. Ever since it has been running rather rough, noisy and a noticeable lack of power. I ran it down to almost empty and then filled right up with BP as i normally do. Almost immediately i noticed the difference. More smoother, quieter and power seems to be at the ready a lot more. Anyone had any similar problems like this with fuel from different stations?
  Mk3 SX
lol nice one chaps! seriously though it didnt perform well at all on shell and i was wondering why that was. Anyone recommend the best diesel to use?
  E87 118d M Sport
you will more than likely get a different response whoever you talk to. its all personaly preference.
  Artic 182
We dont know what diesel is round ere boyo...

If we are talking petrol, nothing goes in my car except Vpower!


ClioSport Club Member
it takes ages for the diesel to get from the tank down thru the lines and injection system into the engine so i doubt you would have noticed a difference almost straight away...