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Just done a search and cannot find a company called Dimpex Diesel UK LTD listed at Companies House, so that would worry me slightly, could these be forged results?

I have never seen one before. But it seems to be combining technology from several other products. Which from what I have heared tend to work. So I assume it might work. But if it was on QVC, I would probably avoide it.

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BRUN aint trying to put you off mate but if the company cant afford to host there own website and not opt for a freebee site off a free mail account doesnt that worry you a little ?

I must saying they have good taste in the car they use on the title page though !
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i thought it was strange myself, however they cant be that small a company, they have a 1/4 page add in the new PGTi

also, thats the company that has tested it, not the company that makes it

I retract my earlier statement, went to the window I search @ companies house, and my hands seem to have inserted an L in dimpex to make it Dimplex - DOH!

Ok, they do exist...... although someone should aproach them about a site-renewal, and getting them a decent domain name ;-)
  Skoda Fabia vRS

hi Joe hehe

i think ill get one an see what happens, might get a Fuel Cat though as its a bit cheaper and made in the UK