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full respray guess how much....


I needed to get my new front bumper sprayed anyway (cant wait for the insurance people to sort it)Theres this guy a mate knows who sprayed parts of his clio and did a really good job...
I went and had a word with him and he said he could take out the little dents, he recommended a full respray of the whole car instead of just filling in the slight scratches because of it being metalic paint.He said he would do it for......... Some body guess and i will tell you the answer.

the whole thing for 650 im well excited coz one garage told me 480 for just the front bumper! My full restoration project starts here........

Have you heard of a place called Hextable? kind of near dartford, thats where he is based...I think coz my mate knows him he would sort me out a decent price.
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Whats the name of the company?

I live in dartford, can he do me a deal like that?
Just wondering incase in the future i needs one!


What does a full respray include then?

Ive de-locked my drivers door and boot, but just cant get the right colour match with brooklands green. Theres plenty of scratches on mine so Im looking for a full respray too. Please could you post this guys details - and let him know youve told everyone at Cliosport to negotiate a discount
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Yeah Im very interested in that - and Dartfords not too far from me. If he can do a full respray for £600, then he must be able to smooth and delock it with a respray for a grand.

Thats very cheap.....the paint/materials alone would cost about £300-400. Does this guy use 2-pack and a low-bake oven? Have you seen any examples of his work?

Very interested!

Hello all not sure of his details yet will find out though.... He is a mates, mate old man??? I have seen his work he done my mates clio im gonna speak to him hopefully soon i will tell him about clio sport and see if we can sort something out for eveyone..............

No gengar not related to pete waterman im afraid but terry venibles is cousins with my nan so i spose that would be 3rd cousins????? right........
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hehe yeah James, youre paint is so bad even a can of hammerite would spruce it up! Go and get it sprayed mate!

When I was thinking about getting my old Clio resprayed, I went to Renault for a laugh.....£1800!!!!! Boy did I laugh, car never got a respray.