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Full service

  Cup 172
Hi All,

i know it varies from garage to garage (im not going Renault) im having a full service tomorrow (and my rear disks) i was just wondering if anyone had a rough price on how much all the work would cost - ive supplied the rear disks but not the bearings so he will do the full service and get the bearings etc. i know the person doing it so i might get abit knocked off

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Buying the discs from Renault is an advantage, as they come with bearings and ABS rings - non genuine bearings do not tend to last long mate.

With regards to cost, i cant possibly say how much as different garages charge different rates in time and labour, so some may charge £100, others £250
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mmmm its my next door neighbour doing it - always took it to him or everything he only charged £30 for fitting my springs on my astra so he is pretty decent - ive got £270 to spend so im hoping for abit of change haha
You should always get a price BEFORE agreeing to have work done! He might come back and say £500 and refuse to give you the keys back unless you pay up (i know it's unlikely as you know the guy, but in general you should get a quote first!)
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Hi all, got my keys back yesterday full service plugs filters check over etc, rear disks & barings

Total = £190 :)
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yeah he sorted all the little bits that needed doing on the car too tightened the exhaust mounts etc was pleased with it can tell it runs better
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make sure he used the correct spark plugs too, PFR6E-10 from memory - very important that, many years ago I fitted Bosche super 4's - ran ok for a week and misfired like a pig after that - F4R's need the correct ones, so just make sure he got them mate :)