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Funny clio ebay listing

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  Dodgy one
also how does he manage to have receipts but loses the log book dont you normally keep these all together i certainly do/would if i had any

Some people for strange reason keep it inside the car, all it takes is there mate to lob it out the window at mcdonalds and theyve 'lost' it.

Im like yourself though, it lives with all my reciepts etc, I dont even keep the owners manual in my bus
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  C1 VTR (Company Car)
"wiil need to be paid in full by winning bider in person any qausetions please call 07956042932 thanks for looking"


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f**k sake.

I hate Scottish folk that always put "wee" infront of things. Should be shot.

"would you like a wee bag with that?" - no, a normal size bag will be fine thanks.