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funny race, unknowing of valver

was sat at a set of light on a dual carriage way. when a metro gta come hammering up and rapidly stopped next to me.. two blokes looking over at my car revving up. (although itd been rainin all day, i thought y not? although ill just spin everywhere!)

light changed he hammered it off and me spinning all over the show left em for dead..

pulled back next to me at next set of lights, wound down his window smiling .. " f**k me!" he said " whats that got in it?!" "bout 150 bhp" i said. "jesus he said bet that goes!"

lights changed. off i shot again , him following. pulled up at next set, talked again.. "does that thing wheelspin alot?" he asked i said "well when i shot off just a min ago from u all i did was wheelspin all the way, couldnt put the power down properly!" he still looking shocked "how bloody fast is that in the dry then?" "dont think u would ave seen which way i went" i said. "f**k!" he said "i want one!"

lights changed, i turned off. waved goodbye...

sooo mant people dont know what the valver is!! its sooooo surprising!

I know exactly what you mean about the subtlety of the 16v. I had a Corsa tempting me into a traffic light grand prix a couple of months ago. After the third set of lights I decided to open it up a bit, and gave them some show! At the next set of lights the window came down and the two blokes were saying "what the hell is that!" "Never seen anything go like that!". :D

Renault quote 137/150bhp at the fly as standard for the 16v/Williams engines.

But the output of the F7P/R (16v/Willy) engines are notoriously inconsistent. Some standard 2.0 F7R engines make 145+bhp at the wheels! Thats 170bhp at the flywheel!

But some dont even make the standard 137/150bhp - Ive seen a F7R Willy engine make what was only about 140bhp at the fly.

there are pics on the gallery, but its changed a bit now.. different wheels etc.. got no recent pics though..:cry:

Yeah i get that bloke even asked me how much id spent on it doing it up.......i said nothing they come like this.......he was shocked to say the least.

Alot of people think its a normal clio which ive done up my self like whacking on a huge bonnet vent and sticking bigger wings on etc....

Had a race this morning with a newish escort lowered with alloys...........he thought he had a chance!!! I absolutley cained it through the gears on a great bit of dual carrage way and left him for dead. then i held back back and let him overtake then just shot past again, side by side in the rounderbout i had the inside lane put the power down and the car just gripped and pulled away leaving him standstill! The power and agility of the 16v is just amazing.

After 4 years of ownership i still dont get bored taking the car out.

they are beasts, quite often go out with my bro in his wrx, in 1st and 2nd theres nothing in it! and it managed a top speed of 135(indicated) a couple of nights ago.
  320d M Sport

standing start the scooby would do the 172, im sure, he said "1st and second" though, which implies from the lights or whatever? not meaning to start a row like.......:confused:

Im with you there. :D Although I did beat a twin tail (225bhp) Audi TT on a standing start the other day - its not impossible for FWD to do the business given a good start. But then mine is tweaked ;)

brand new shape wrx 2 months old! i kid you not!

raced him probably 10 times or so, untill third he cant get past me. then its bye bye scooby doo.

i just let people think my car is a williams

i get it all the time, just cant be arsed to explain the differences. if ther to naive to know then there not worth telling