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g tech performance monitoring kit

hi guys have seen a couple of these flying around ebay and i know demon tweeks sell them for quite a bit are these any good? i have heard they are very accurate and would like to buy one just to try?

anyone got any comments on this



  MK7 GTD & Mini GP
pretty good and accurate mate.... fook knows how they work, but they do lol...
thats great mate thanks for that they look pretty like.."they would never work properly.. kind of thing but some opinions would be great on them if they have been in clio
I had one, really quite accurate. Although i did get a 6.2 0-60 time once in the FF?! You end up driving like a penis to try and pull more G's and beat your old times etc. Good fun for a while if you get one cheap but longterm i just got bored of it.
thats great mate just wantered a bench mark for future and present mods and 0-60 times and 0-100 would be great as well cheers mate