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Reversing light is stuck on, took it to the garage. Going to cost me £126 (inc.labour) for new switch, and some kind of gearbox thing. Got the MOT saturday aswell:dapprove:
  Clio 182
I had that problem with my mk1 RT. I just took my reverse bulbs out and ignored it. Had two MOT's with it being like this and still got through no bother.
  car? need a license 1st!
i hope £126 quid includes the rear GB mount, otherwise i'd take ur car elsewhere pal!!
Yeah its all included, my mum knows someone there , and she got it down to £103.??
I don't know what this mount is but it needed it, don't know if its to do with the light problem or not.
  BMW 320d SE
christurbo said:
My switch broke on my VX and passed... I asked many garages and they simply dont test it.
Fair enuff - wasn't sure tbh. I'm sure I heard that somewhere before though, maybe for spotlights and stuff like that.