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Garaged for the winter

Evening all

My 172 cup is garaged for the winter and has been off the road for 1 month now. I thought I'd start it up today which it did with no hesitation at all ..... great! I then decided to move it out the garage whilst it ticked over however the brakes have stuck on which I find odd for only sitting for 4 weeks and it's not exposed to the elements of being outside? I eventually got it moved with a bit of RPM but also noticed that the break peddle went to the floor? After pumping the pedal half a dozen times the pressure came back to normal? I managed to move the car back and forward a few times after this no probs.
So .... Have people had issues with brakes sticking on after storage and also loss of pressure on the brake pedal?



ClioSport Club Member
My 182 is also stored in the garage during the week but it is used at weekends - My brakes stick on quite regularly and I don't leave the handbrake on. I assumed it's because it's been so so fecking cold??


ClioSport Admin
I don't use my handbrake over night in winter!

This one time (at band camp), my brakes were frozen/stuck on and I could not get them off. Hand brake was limp as a impotent phallus.

I had to get a lift to work while it thawed.

So yeah, no hand brake in winter.
  Renault Clio MK2 1.2
My Clio's brakes got stuck overnight last week, presumably due to it being so cold. Took nothing more than a few extra revs to get her moving though, but then the brakes seemed to be very noisy and as if the pads were rusty? Cleared after a couple of roundabouts though
I'll probably take the wheels/callipers off in the next couple of weeks and clean then grease everything up.
I garage mine and never leave the handbrake on or in gear, I use 2 small wedges at either end of the cars wheels, possibly a sticking calliper if it was hot after
a long run when you last parked it up.

Regards Russ..