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Garmin I3 help!!!!

  tiTTy & SV650
I bought a Garmin streetpilot i3 and the extra aerial, where should i fit the aerial?

I've had the door seal on and off routing the wire in numerous ways but cant make my mind up.

Who's got one in a clio with heat reflective windscreen and where have you fitted it?! install pics please....
  Clown Car
Why not stick it to the top of the dash under the square at the bottom of the windscreen, then route the wire along the the edge of the dash with the windscreen and down the passenger side.
  tiTTy & SV650
The wire comes out the aerial at a shitty angle (i.e. straight) so I think it looks s**t on the dash. but I'll have a think about it...


either stick it on the roof or in the area around the rear view mirror will be fine;)
  tiTTy & SV650
roof using the magnet = no way! it will move and scratch.

rear view mirror area is heat reflective so is no better there....


a lot of my customers put them on the roof works just fine it should'nt scratch it as it should'nt move;)
jonnyjogpants said:
i think some people on here have routed it as far as the boot on the rear shelve
I was going to say the same thing- i've seen a few with it there & its suppose to work really well.
  Renault clio mk2 rxe 1.6
Take down the interior light and put the magnet on the inside of ur roof, then just feed the wires down, get full signal every time now.