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Gaz coilovers/15" OZ's

  Tiger R6 / Saxo Vts
Not a for sale thread exactly which is why I haven't put it in that section - I have a 3/4 month old set of Gaz coilovers and 15" OZ wheels on my 182 at the moment, and someone is interested in buying it at the moment.

Only problem is they'd like standard wheels and suspension (don't know why), wondered what my suspension/wheels would be worth together, and how much I'd have to pay for 172 cup wheels, or 182 cup wheels?

  Tiger R6 / Saxo Vts
I've still got my standard suspension to put back on the car if necessary - it's just standard wheels I hindsight selling my old wheels was a mistake lol!

How much for my oz's then? Back tyres are Toyo Proxy T1-S's which are in pretty good condition - the fronts have budgets on (were on there when I bought them) with worn edges although they are still legal.