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GAZ gold Rears & powerflex Black upper mount fitting problems

  Clio 172 Ph1
172 Ph1 race car

Finally got my lower mount bolts out and when trying to fit the GAZ gold, with the lower mount collars fitted (either side of lower mount spherical bearing, the spring touches the inner side of the wheel well.

I could try and cut 5mm off the inner collar but that would put the overall shock body at an angle and it is a poor solution. The width of the Leda lower mount that came off is 5mm narrower. I’ll speak with GAZ on Monday but had planned to get this done this weekend. Anyone had similar issues ?It’s Almost as though if the springs were slightly smaller width they would work

Also bought some powerflex Black upper mounts but the centre stainless steel tube won’t fit over the top of the GAZ gold piston rod and without it is way too loose so these aren’t compatible.

the Ledas that have come off had onboard springs (2.5ID & 5” long) but we’re too soft. If I wanted to put the ledas back to get around the GAZ issue with new onboard springs, what spring rate would I need to achieve what would have been 400lbs on the rear Coilover if that makes sense?