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Gaz shocks are now doing a proper 4 coilover kit for their Clio range...

  ph1 172 Excl, Cossie addition to their existing front coilover / separate rear shock and spring kit.

And for the same price!




ClioSport Club Member
  Raider, 172, the van
Looking forward to seeing this develop. I've had GAZ coil overs on my old 172 and to be honest I don't know what all the bad press is about with them on here. there fairly priced, adjustable dampening and the best after sales/servicing I've dealt with.
  ph1 172 Excl, Cossie
I agree fella
And nickel plated as per the Gaz golds too, so no issues with Corrosion too...
  172 Cup & K20 Ph1
+1 for Gaz here! They were great, just wanted to go to the next level. Would have considered these new ones had I known a couple of months ago


ClioSport Club Member
  Mazda 2, Ph1 172
Any details, pictures or links to said coilovers as not on there site or in there latest catalogue?

appears a few companies are now offering rear coilovers, avo, spax, gaz and AST
I agree fella
And nickel plated as per the Gaz golds too, so no issues with Corrosion too...
Good shocks, great service, but the coating is cr*p IMO. I had custom GAZ Gold's on my E30, specced by GAZ with their corrosion free coating etc... it was a track only car, trailered and stored indoors. Never used in the wet and never saw the road. The shock bodies started rusting after 6 months! They refused to replace them in the end.
  A special one.
Don't know why they didn't sort the issue out year's ago.
Its not like they are a new company.
  ph1 172 Excl, Cossie
Maybe lots are happy with the perfomance and not so much the aesthetics. I don't know as I can't speak for past customers here fella.
My cossie has 545 horses pounding the rear gaz's on mine and they still perform impeccably. All I ask for!