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G' to Clio's

  Ph2 1.6 5 door
G'day...the call me Halfmo, and i have a 2003 1.6 Clio Privilege.

my first renault...mostly been driving big aussie boats forever, but fuel costs in those big fellas were slaying me

got my clio about 5 months ago, and i love it. just clocked up 60,000kms...what's that, 35,000 miles? something like that. not bad for a 9 year old

amazing handling impresses me all the time, at least 1 zillion times better than the big sedans i'm used to.

just started checking this place out, looking foward to seeing more...pleased to see this place actually acknowledges that not all of us have a sport model, that's refreshing


ClioSport Club Member

1.6 is a massivley under rated car in the category. Renault missed a trick with it tbh. If they'd have made a sportier model of the 1.6 a lot of people would have bought it tbh. I'd have had one of my fiesta any day of the week if it was a sportier car as standard.
  Ph2 1.6 5 door
thanks for the warm welcome guys, the ford australia forums i've been on in recent years aren't the most friendly place for newibies. i like this place even more now


ClioSport Club Member
Few words of advice.

If you need to know something, use the search bar. There is an "Advanced Search" button too. Try that to narrow your search down, as it's probably been asked and answered several times already before.

Don't post up about "racing" illegally.

Don't fit 17" wheels and a massive spoiler to the car.

Follow the above and you shouldn't encounter any issues lol.

Also get a paid membership. Best thing I ever did when I owned the clio.
  Ph2 1.6 5 door
not into the illegal stuff, hate big spoilers, and love how much cheaper 15 inch tyres we're all good there.

search functions are the easy way, i know that...guess all there is left is to look into paid membership.

thanks mate
  Ph2 1.6 5 door
not many yet, but here's a quick couple




ClioSport Club Member
  Edition 30
Nice one.

Get an RS Grille and some back to black and it'll look 10x better.
  Ph2 1.6 5 door
thanks bumper trim has been revitalised since these pics. i'd like to paint all that body colour eventually