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Gear Stick 'Mixing Paint'.

  Gordini 182 Sport
On the way home from work tonight, I tried to put it into 3rd gear, and I felt a small thud, and now all I can do is choose I think 3rd and 4th.
The gear stick just makes circles and finds it hard to actually get into 3rd and 4th.

I've taken the car back about 4 times in the last 3 years with problems about my gear stick seeming to be 'further back' than it was. When looking under the car, there was a bar I could see looking lower than it should.
The 1st time it happened, I gently pushed it up, and tried that. My gears where correct again. However, being paranoid and the car only being a few months old at the time, I took it to Renault. The found no fault.

Over time, this fault happened again and again, I just push edit back and thought it was just one of them things.
Eventually, I get fed up and started to take it to the dealer I bought it from. They checked it, and said some bar (guessing the one I saw too low) had 'impact damaged' and was not covered by warrenty.
Well, the obvious thing I can see was, if it had hit something, it was because its hanging down from the car and it shouldnt be. Thus eventually hitting something. So not my fault. they refused to fix it.

3 weeks later, after my last moan at the dealer, its finally gone all together.
I can see that the bar has now split on the 90 degree bend, and looks like maybe snapping.

My problems are... 1) Why wont they fix it under warranty? 2) Why was the bar starting to hang lower? 3) Is that why I'm now mixing paint in 3rd and 4th? Or has more broken?

Also... will this cost much? (Warrenty till 27th October, but they always refuse to fix it)
  Abarth 500 Essesse
Phone Renault UK and complain to them about the dealer, go to another dealer and see what they say?
  Gordini 182 Sport
Phone Renault UK and complain to them about the dealer, go to another dealer and see what they say?

Have you got a number.. I think I'll do that. :)
My dealer keeps saying though, that Renault wont pay for the work to be done... So I'd like to hear them say it.


Where Are The PICS?

is it your gear linkages? they arent hard to fix if its them...
  Gordini 182 Sport
Where Are The PICS?

is it your gear linkages? they arent hard to fix if its them...

Car was left at Renault on Friday night. i just about got it there with 3rd gear. (You should have smelled the clutch. :s)

I have such a big feeling that they are going to try and charge me for this. :(
  Gordini 182 Sport
I've spoken to the dealer this morning, he's hoping its the sealed unit in under the gear stick that has gone, as this is a warrenty repair. The bar, that is snapped however, is not. But they will charge me only the cost of the bar, (about £18) and not labour as they will already be fixing the warrenty bit.

Just hope its the part he said thats broken.
  Gordini 182 Sport
Still not got the car back....
They have a 'linkage' bar on 'back order'. :s
Been told that I wont have to pay the £18 for the bar, as it has been put down as metal fatigue, so covered by warrenty. Problem is, the dealer dont know what they have ordered yet, they 'hope' its the bar and the unit under the gear stick. If not, they'll have to order more parts. :(
  Gordini 182 Sport
The part arrived today.. and it wasnt the full unit they hoped for, just the metal bar that snapped.
They now need to get me a full unit that goes under the gear stick (white plastic thing).
HOWEVER... they say that this is not covered by warrenty, and I'll need to fork out £130 for it. :(

Really angry now, this white plastic thing is what broke not long after I bought the car, and I've had it back in renault a few times since and they never spotted/fixed the problem....
Now its totally broke, they wont fix without me getting my hard earned money out.
Aparently, snaps, cracks and broken plastics are not covered by your warrenty...
So I phoned up Renault UK customer service and complaints. Gave the guy the full story and he'll get back to me later today.
Damn... how much time effort and money has gone into this... :(
  Gordini 182 Sport
Finally stopped ranting and shouting at Renault UK.
They've made me an offer... they'll pay for the part, if I pay to have it fitted.
My Dealer has said he'll charge me £35 to fit it (half price) so I've accepted. :)
While they've got the car, they'll do its 1st MoT too, so for £80 my car will be as good as new MoT'd up.
Finally.. Damn Renault are stubborn.