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Gearbox 172 Ph2

  White Clio 1.2 @ 172
Ok So I got my car back from the bodyshop after a lengthy 18months.

The donor car for the 172 Engine was a Mk2 Ph2 and was in full working order when it went into the bodyshop. Seems the Clever peeps @ the bodyshop had the car jacked on the gear linkage point whilst the car was in 3rd gear and it seems to of broken something inside the box *facepalm*


* Car is stuck in 3rd gear
* Gear linkage feels soggy
* Disengaging the clutch puts the car into 'neutral' i.e. it does correctly disengage but moving the gear rod does absolutely nothing.
* The speedo sensor (I think) on the side of the box has been sheered off.

Now my question is, what could this possibly be is there like 101 things it could be or is it just a plain and straight answer. TBH My knowledge on gearboxes isn't the best I understand the very basics and fundamentals of how they operate but that's as far as it goes.

Secondly with the above named issue hopefully being pointed out as a single point of failure i.e. "yes its the gearbox linkage inside the box that has broke" or something along those lines is the box salvagable and repairable and what if any parts do I order to get the issue rectified?

Lastly thanks in advance for the help

Regards Dean0
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Mate tbh it sounds like an internal failure of some sort the fact the clutch is correctly disengaing drive to the wheels shows that thats OK.

I've known of a JC5 box that was jammed in 1st no matter what position the stick was in, so it sounds the same, he just swapped to second hand box.

If you pay to have it stripped and repaired it could turn into a costly affair as I believe it's quite a labour intensive job to strip them correctly besides if its a gear cluster at fault that part alone good cost quite a lot.

Your probably best to find a company that does refurb'd exchange boxes and bite the bullet and pay for one with a guarantee.
  White Clio 1.2 @ 172
Well i'm taking the box off myself. To see what the fault is. Just wanting some pointers on what to look for etc.

Edit: Anywhere up north I can source a second hand box & price?
  Clio RS
I think problem isn't inside the box. I guess they removed the linkage and someone play with the gear stick and then they attach the linkage.

First of all put he gear stick to natural and try to move the gear selectors on the box. It will be hard to move. If you can move then equalize the gearstick position and the gear selectors on the box.
  White Clio 1.2 @ 172
The gearbox play is @ the gearbox, the whole box is soppy it moves in every direction as in it no longer has a H pattern it actually moves freely anywhere this is both true @ the gearstick @ physically at the underside of the box.

Evidence of the box being jacked from this location is present on the underside of the car.

My problem now is, if i get the box off can i repair it. If i can't where do i get a replacement box and how much :(!!!