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Gearbox Leak After Bearing Change

  Clio 182
Hey ppl,

Right, before Christmas, i took my car to the garage with a knocking noise. I assumed it was a cv joint. But they weren’t convinced. They then took it too a Renault specialist and the
said it was sum bearing in/on the diff. And said they were known for it. Soooo, i had the job done. It came bk, the steering was off and there was a tennis ball sized leak, In the morning. Took it back and the fixed the stearing and the leak by replacing the rubber bush on
the drive shaft. Got it bk and then it started leaking again. So i took it back and they replaced the bearing were the drive shaft goes into the GB. Just come
too it this morning after spending two hours underneath cleaning all the oil
away yday, its leaked.

Any ideas?