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gearbox oil change, do you notice a difference?



ive got a w reg 1.2 its done 50 000 miles and im pretty sure the gearbox oil has never been changed, im going to drop the oil and replace it. will there be any noticable difference?
Interested to know too, Capacirty is 3.1L right? Means i will have to buy 4x 1Ls which will be about £30. Pointless me laying out unless theres a noticable difference or it meaning the gearbox will last longer.
gear oil isn't subjected to the same conditions that engine oil is and doesn't typically 'need' changing until high mileages but, given that Renault haven't the best rep. with gearboxes, won't hurt to change it

not sure what you need to put in (it's 75/80 in the RS engined cars), but just stick with the spec in the manual and should be fine

may/not notice a difference but the main thing's in the preventative maintenance angle
Yep that 75w80 should be alright, Think Fred said you can use 75w90 as somtimes its cheaper and will be ok too.

My mates nicked my haynes manual so i cant check, But im pretty sure its 3.1L capacity? Means ill have to shell out for 4L if i do.


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i tend to change the box oil when i change my cars, made a differnce on my last 306, was really stiff, changed it and added slick 50 and it was nice and crisp after.