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Gearbox Oil

i was going to give you an answer but i forgot the exact spec..:eek:

now the answer that most will give you will be ; "search" !! Easy one on the search function .

I believe it was 75w80 or was it 75w85? Castrol seems to be a favorite, ELF is OEM used.
  BMW M135i
75w80, from opie oils you can get either castrol epx stuff or some fuchs stuff. Swings and roundabouts between the two, don't deviate on the viscosity either.
  PH1 172 Sport
Anything GL5 75w80 should be fine. Though castrol does seem favorite. Ive got Comma gearbox oil and I can't fault it after 10,000 miles
the TransElf (TRX/NFP) stuff that's recommended is available from Renault in 5L tubs, but it's chuffing expensive! need to buy some as well at some point