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Gearbox problems.....

  Monaco Ph2 Clio 172
Got the infamous third gear crunch starting:dapprove:. It is only when changing down gears, NOT up from second. And below 30mph it goes into gear fine??

The gearbox oil was replaced before i bought the car. So what do you reckon guys? New gearbox time or not?

If so, where from here? I'd rather a recon box so I know it's good and probably would do the clutch at the same time as i'm up to 70 odd thousand miles now. Or would you recommend another option. Ideas on cost would be great too.

Thoughts and info much appreciated.

  Monaco Ph2 Clio 172
Well, thats one way of doing things. Just it's getting worse steadily. Takes a good warm up now for the crunch to disappear. Anyone any ideas on box rebuild costs?
it seems to vary a lot (check the parts that they're replacing) but i paid about £500 for a reconditioned box plus about £400 to have it fitted. as said, going to vary a lot. cheapest option will be a decent s/h box fitted by someone who doesn't take the mikey with the labour - guess you could probably do that for £400-£500 (plus clutch and oil, etc)

try changing the oil for one of the better spec oils (unless you've already got one in it)