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Gearbox :(

  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Took my car to the (Ford) garage today about what I thought was the wheel bearing.... Turns out its the gearbox thats gone :(

They said if its just the bearings, they can get them renewed, with a 12 months warrenty for £300, then it will be at least £300 labour, as its apparantly an engine out job? Then whatever a new clutch is :(

Can anyone tell me if these prices are about right??? Either way, looks like the car will be off the road for a while, as there is NO way I can afford this at the moment :(
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams


You can buy a brand new box for the Williams from Renault for £500+VAT.

What are the symptoms?



Give these guys a call: Oulton Transmissions in Hall Green Birminham on 0121 745 8089.

They sorted my motor out when the drive shaft went on my Williams.

They stripped the box down, serviced, repaired and rebuilt it, put the car back together with a new D/Shaft. All in it cost me £275 and they did a really goods job.

  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Ta for the replies :)

Paul, I went to my local Renault dealer... Arriva in Worcester, and they said £2700 for a box :eek: also they said about £800 + VAT labour... so thats nearly £4000 through them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Symptoms are: Whining noise when driving, and I have noticed that the gears have been a bit notchy on occasions... The garage put it up on the ramps, and ran it a bit in 1st, and defo sounded like it was coming from the box :confused:

Dazz, cheers for that... Will defo give them a ring

£275 for a box recon is excellent!!

I had a s/h box put in and that was £300 ish.

The £500 + vat is a RECON BOX WITH EXCHANGE from Reno but they will exchange and 16v for a willy box

Louise. Renault now have a recon exchange box for the Williams as paul said for £500.00 plus vat. A genuine clutch is about £110.00 ish plus vat . It is realy an engine out job so it might also be a good idea to change the cam belt while its out. If you would like a quote from us you can contact me through our web site
  Golf GTTDI 130PD

Louise, do not go near a main dealer unless the work is under warranty.

I have been so ripped off by main dealers its untrue.

Try find a local garage with lower labour charges, youll notice it when you compare a bill from a dealer and from a local garage!
  mk2 172

louise, cheer up lass!

my car has had this for two 1/4 mile days and every night severe thrahing and still its going, my box is well and truly shagged but it soldiers on, anyone whos been in my car knows the punishment it takes and it lasts. reckon you got 1,000s mile left before it goes, mine whines so loud you have to turn up the stereo to stop goin mad! leave it be. but mine is eventually goin to hill power for box and clutch. hopefully before nxt years 1/4 mile season

  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah Craggys box takes a beating I can vouch for that. Still, best to get it done Lou.

Anyway, a Williams box is definitely £500 or £550 + vat (cant remember which) - I know cos I just put one in. It IS an engine out job. Anyone who reckons they can do a decent job with the engine still in the car is over-confident! Likewise, clutch change can be done with the lump and box still in the car but its gonna be a bodge and you dont know for sure if it will work. The only way youll know is when 6 months later you need another new clutch! So engine out for that as well.

The Willy box is billed as an exchange box - but the truth of the matter is that there are *no* second hand Willy boxes around that could even be reconditioned... The so-called exchange boxes are actually brand new off the Renault production line in France. Renault just dont want you to know what a bargain youre getting.

So look at it this way - its an opportunity to get all those nasty 72k service jobs done in one go, even if youre not at 72k; cambelt, gearbox, clutch, engine mounts, power steering pump or alternator if it needs doing etc etc.
  Williams 2, STi N12

Lou, keep calm and dont panic.

I had exactly the same problem, my main input shaft bearing decided to shed its rollers everywhere....which is nice. Anyway i got the same treatment from renault as yourself, and I am not going to pay them the cash when you can do it for a fraction of the price.

Send the box away for a re-build (Hardy Engineering in Leatherhead..bloody excellent)and then stuff it back in again. As many people have said it is an engine out job, but to be honest youll be glad anyway because you can change all the parts that will need doing in the future. I did the work myself to save even more cash but to save messing around send it to a local garage and not a dealershp.

At least you still a car whilst your willy is out of action.