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Gearchange on 172

Please no jokes about my driving....but is it just me or is the Clio 172 (and poss 182) a git to change gear smoothly....?

It is worst when it is cold - no matter how hard I try I keep doing a clunk when bringing the clutch up. It is worst in 1st and 2nd gear and is really starting to piss me off..!!!!

Anyone else had this problem?

Any tips - I take it, it uses a performance clutch of sorts..?
  Clio RS 172 Phase 1
To be honest my gearbox is sweet as a nut (touches wood) and have no problems changing into any gear. The clutch is very heavy and it does take a bit of getting used to though.
must be me then....thing is I drive a Mini Cooper and have started to drive that the way I drive the clio, well the way I change gear and thats not good...

I just cant seem to learn to change gear properly and it is makign me look like I cant drive...
  Renaultsport Clio 182
have to say mine feels fine. as said the clutch is heavy compared to some cars but that's about it.

i've had no problems with any clunking or grinding etc. how old is your 172? maybe some new oil for the gearbox could be in order?

i'm no mechanic just trying to look for the simple solution ;-)
the gearbox isn't the best, but if it's shunting about as you change gear, could be that the engine mounts need renewing