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Genuine Renault parts or Motrio?

  Clio 182
As above really what are peoples opinions?
Need the rear discs and pads changing on my 182 and with a half price voucher the genuine renault parts fitted would be £117 and The motrio £95. So what are peoples opinions should i go genuine or is there nothing in it and save myself £20 and go Motrio?
  PH1 V6
cant ever go wrong with genuine parts to be honest. unless you are seriously uprading things for a particular use then stick with original stuff.


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
If the differenve was £60 then I'd consider going non-gen but for the sake of £20 just go with oem.
  Mondeo TDCI 130
Yep, we use motrio (rears) unless asked otherwise! We keep a set on the self generally, even though they are on back order atm!
  Clio 182
They are basically the same! Thats a bloody good price to, how'd you getva half price voucher?
It was posted to me :approve:
But on the garage itself they are on the counter so anyway can take advantage. Guy behind the counter APPARENTLY didnt know they were there.
That is why i asked for the full price first;)