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Genuine Roof Bars

  RB 182 Cup
I'm looking at getting a set of genuine roof bars to carry my bike as the 182s obviously can't carry a rear rack and I'm sick of stripping the bike everything to fit in the back.

My only concern is, will the feet wreck my roof? I plan to use helitape where the feet fit, but still concerned it may scratch / damage my roof.

Thanks in advance
  BG 182
How come the 182 can't have a rear rack?

I've just bought a rear high mount rack and although I'm yet to test it out, I'm pretty sure it'll work okay?
  RB 182 Cup
I'm guessing it's to do with the rear spoiler being used as an anchor point and not being substantial enough.

Thule don't list a rack and I'm sure I've read it on here that you shouldn't use one either. I might be wrong though, so I'll have another read around
  pimp mobile Zafira
The racks wwill go on the back but I wouldn't as they will knacker the paintwork. As war as roof bars, most come with rubber parts that fit over the feet so no scratching.
  clio 172 cup
heli tapes a good idea, but they dont scratch anyway. Theres only one place for a bike and thats on the roof, I use a nice thule carrier with the wind up arm. Takes 20 secs to stick the bike on then your off. I'd never go baack to a rear mount.