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Givin it some in the valver today! *pic*


Yeah matt was only in 4th!! WOuld have to gone to 114 before changing up.

Anders yeah your right you can see the fuel going down!

Anders, i saw that you live in hassocks, im in brighton every day, if you ever want a blast on the a23 let us know, always have fun racing with williams.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

WTF, im sure i just replied to this post....checked back and its gone..bizzare!

Anyway what phone u got mate, just got a camera for mi T68i, Impressed with the quality. thinking of selling em both and getting a 7650, not keen on the size though!

BTW careful tekin pics at them speeds mate, dont want any accidents! :)

I will have a Nokia 7650 (not mine) a brand new one for sale in about a week if you want one adams

Ive got digital video and avery game you can think of!

When i sell it i will of course give the extra software free.

Good thing you were on a track day when you took this then... ;)

Because none of us would drive that fast on a public road after all....