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Gloss black plastic


ClioSport Club Member
As my new Megane Trophy came with free dealer applied scratches 😡 on the gloss black plastic door pillars and around the sunroof what is best to remove them?

I have a DA with hex logic pads orange, green, white and black and Meguires 105&205 what would be the best combination to remove them? Or is there a better product out there.

once they are removed can a ceramic coat be applied on the plastic or is it for painted surfaces only?


ClioSport Moderator
The door pillars are just stickers but they can be polished really easily and come out looking great with a quick going over with a da. I just did them when I was doing the rest of the car.

I don't have a sunroof though so not sure about those bits


ClioSport Club Member
Thanks I will have a watch

the sunroof surround is the same material as the door pillars looks like they used a Brillo pad
I would take it back but the dealer is a long way


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ClioSport Club Member
Just to update on this, I polished the sunroof surround and B pillars and they have come up quite nice not perfect but a lot better.
Went over with a hexlogic green pad with Meguires 105 then onto Menzerna 3800 super finish plus with a black hexlogic pad.