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Glovebox bulb! :S


Recently got a clio dynamique 1.2 16v 51reg just going around the car looking for thing to improve like replacing crappy yellowy bulbs with nice LEDs.

Opened glovebox and light didnt come on, so thought must be the bulb. so grabbed the one out the boot which i know works and replaced it.... still doesnt work :( also noticed that the light around the cigar lighter doesnt light up and in the ash tray, are they supposed to???

Had a quick check through some fuses, the ones i checked seemed ok.

Any ideas ppl???

thanks a lot,

Paul :)

lol yep i can confirm that the glovebox light only comes on with the sidelight/headlights etc! LOL silly me!

The fag lighter and ash tray still dont seem to light up though :S