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Going to French Car Show

  H22A7 Accord Type R

AH HA!! badinvincible.............I now recognise you from the Livi meet!!! a few of you convoying down then??? if your passing the M62, stop by for a cuppa, have a clio meet outside ma house LMAO!!! Still need to get my tickets sorted!

....just wait for all the pre-prubesent teens to start w**king over you and demanding more photos.

What car you got....any pics?

I cant drive :( Im confused, I tried like millions of times to get that photo up and it wouldnt work, lol it was just a red cross to me...

Anyways what I was trying to say was Ill be there with badinvincible (Mike) :) Should be good fun! Sorry bout photo its a wee bitty blurry, Mike took it on a drunken night out, heeeehee!


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  is non-existent

Quote: Originally posted by Lunner on 22 March 2005

Is that a DCi wiht cup badges or a cup wht DCi badges, lol
whatever you want it to be.......................cup with DCi badges
  Lionel Richie

I think most people have met me!

(if you havent ill have a cap on, and have a fag in me mouth!!!! friendly chap, so come say hello)

Yozza is the one that looks like Clarkson (word of warning, DONT shake his hand, hell break every bone in it!!!!!!!)

Roamer looks like the geeza with long hair out of "the young ones"

i think most of you know the car by now (its the low one, but itll have HUGE YOZZASPORT stickers on it that day)

Oh and if youre looking for Hippychick, just ask anyone "have you seen the bird that likes Pink???"
  LY 200

George they are some top cars!!!

Are they relatives of yours cars??? Id ask to borrow one for the day!!!Lol