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Golf Mk.IV Gti diesel turbo

  CTR EK9 turbo

Just taken delivery of our new Golf GTi turbo diesel 150 bhp 236 lb/ft and had my first drive of it today. Drove for about 80+ miles carting the folks around the country side. I directly compared it to the Gti 1.8T petrol version that my dad used to have as we delivered that back today.

Its a nice silver colour - unfortunately its 4-doors as its a company car. The turbo whistle is really noisey which is kinda cool, and the dump valve is also prominent. chhhhh chhhhh tssssss chhh, you get the picture.

It has 6 gears and an ESP button to stop you wheel spinning - still managed to get a 2nd gear chirp as i slotted it in quite enthusiastically.

It feels a little heavier than the old one, but the suspension seems quite sufficient to deal with, but no way would i want to throw it around as much as i do the Clio.

It really pulls hard from 2000 rpm up till about 4 (havent gone above yet - dont really need to) in pretty much any gear, and when i drove it on my own, I selected 2nd gear doing a brisk acceleration test it through me back in my seat which impressed me! Its a nice car, and although its quite boaty, its got loads of torque, but i think id have to learn how to drive it more to its capabilities before i challenged someone to a race for example. Your gear changes must be quick to make the most of the torque/spooled up turbo etc.

Itd be interesting to race it against mine, just to compare and ill get back to you all to see how it went.

id recommend the car to anyone thinking of a nice torquey fuel efficient(?) tourer. Group 14 insurance.

My old man has the 115 PD, the one with 210od lb/ft of torque. Complete boat to drive swiftly round corners, but thats not really what it is designed to do.

It is designed to be a motorway mile muncher, it really is relaxing to drive a long trip in it, no messing about changing down when you want to show up Mr 2.0 Vectra, just prod the throttle in 6th and hes a dot! Theres also something strangely/slightly worryingly satisfying about getting 50+ MPG.
  CTR EK9 turbo

yeah tell me about it. Managed to get about 160 miles out of quarter of a tank. Not bad. About a 600-700 mile tank. Its sooo diesely tho! and sounds/looks really funny when you accelerate and the car really shifts and its a diesel! chug chug chug!!!! tsssssssssssssssssss CHHHHHHHHH!!!

Simon, I raced a 150 Aniversary at York Dragway with an APR chip someone from the Mk 4 forum, it ran 15.2 at 92, very quick for a diesel, a chipped 1.8t petrol (150) ran more or less the same, still not fast enough to take my 172 at 14.5 that day but fast enough!!
  CTR EK9 turbo

Holy mailto:cr@p">cr@p! that is fast. Someone said the chip takes it to 190 bhp and 300 lb ft! now that would pin you in the seat! It weighs sooo much as well. I felt the suspension was a bit better in the diesel than our old petrol 1.8T. I hate the noise of the diesel tho. I didnt realise it would be so noisey for a modern diesel!

Simon, its not noisy at cruising speed though, or is it? The 115 is as quiet as the petrol equivalent while cruising. Although at a standstill it is a bit clatery!
  CTR EK9 turbo

yeah i meant when you are sat at some traffic lights or on your driveway. But when you press the sustain pedal it certainly shifts. TssssssSSSSSS CHHHHhhhhh.....

I am still probably going to get one of these as a company car, need efficiency and fun. Glad you liked it, what is the interior like, what extras did you get if any for it?