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Golf VR6

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

was travelling up the bypass this afternoon for the usually daily drive in my new mk2 172 when i noticed a Golf VR6 up my ar*se just when i changed from 4th to 5th at about 65mph, then i floored it in fifth and was gaining distance from him all the way up to 95mph, then i pulled over, was quite suprised, especially when it overtook and i saw the VR6 badge.
  williams and trophy

trust me mate the guy wasnt trying........a vr6 would leave you for dead at that kinda speed....i can only just keep with em and i can eat 172s


  Shiny red R32

My friend has a VR6 which will leave my car anytime. Dont under estimate the VR6, it has a much bigger engine than the 172!
  williams and trophy

yeah 2 of my mates have them

1 is modded and 1 is standard

i can keep with the modded 1 but was quicker than it when standard ... now with the mods he gives a good even race
  320d M Sport

same thing happened to me as gazz, floored it from 60 to 100 and was leaving him, thought it was a Golf Driver at first as no bodykit was fitted, dont know if that makes a difference?
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

when i moved over to save passing the 100 mark he was still going for gold and looked p*ssed off, like he had been trying.

how comes no one mention me when they talk about golfs :p hahaha

172 feels more rapid goin to around 150kms but then the 2.8L V6 will pull more smoothly to 200+ kms but tops out not so much more than a 172
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

that would back up what happened 150km must around 90mph, think 160km is 100mph if im not wrong

i think u r right its somwhere around there. hhm on the same road i could pull 200km+ easier than a 172 could but from bottom up. the 172 is more rapid definately ..

the Golf VR6 has about 170-180 bhp and is a lot heavier than the Clio and though the VR6 has more torque the Clio will still have the edge, though eventually the VR6 will go pass due to higher top end.

I think the Corrado VR6 had 190 and the Golf had 174BHP, I would have thought that a 172 would have been fairly closely matched to one of these!!

Theres nothing in it between the VR6 and a 172. I had two Corrados a few years ago, and they were quick... 200 lbft torque and 190 bhp in the green one. Not much in it between that and a scooby midrange.

i have both cars i still reckon when V6 push over 200km+ its still got a little bit more go to its 235km limit but thats just the difference in the engine capacity really...... 0-60 i would say 172 will take it close to everytime or even say 0-100 it will take it. maybe not in the wet for 0-60 coz of the 4 motion. but good thing about VR6 is the torque i can do 44km with 6 gear running at around 1200rpm or 1100n it wont bog down mate had a VRs and....well put it this way, my valver would stay within eyesight up to 60 and then game over, the VR6 is silly after 60mph and just keeps pulling, my mates could do 150mph, you cant forget that they are 12v engines(equivalant of 8v on a 4 cylinder car) so thay hav stupid amounts of tourqe, i really do doubt that a 172 would trouble it after 60mph...and uphill? Never. The vr6 corrado had a 2.9 v6 as with the golf vr6 highline all other golf vr6s had 2.8 v6

hhm my engine is the 24valves VR6 one i think 172 can keep with it until 100 but then it will gain slightly over 172 coz of its top speed limit being higher

but its still not that quick ... coz if the car is super quick u tend to have the urgency to slow down a wee bit but in a V6 golf i floor it from 1st to 5th n then 6th i didnt really have any urgency to slow down coz it wasnt gainin speed like evo or things like that........ in those "super cars" the speed gain is immense even after 160km or 90mph i think

plus the 4 motion system. hhm i dont know i m not a big fan of 4 motion i still prefer Evo or Subaru 4WD system . 4 motion tends to get into understeer quite early n........... for some reason its quite detached from the driver. just my thoughts though

god sound like i should sell the thing ahha

Had a go with my next door neighbours V6 4 MOTION on a W plate, 204 bhp etc, doing about 40 I was in 2nd and behind . He was in the inside lane of the dual carriageway I was in the outside. I flashed him out, he booted it I was touching his bumper all the way up to the ton,even sometimes shutting off slightly.

When I got back home he said he was surprised that I kept up, but other people said that they werent and neither was I.!!

STU 172
  320d M Sport

i wasnt that surpirsed to beat the Mk3 VR6, someone on here had one whos now got a 172, cant remember who it was tho???? damn
  williams and trophy

well the 1 thats modded of my mates will pull 75 in 2nd and i really struggle with it i am level until i have to hit 3rd at about 55 and then i dont pull back any ground til he hits 75 n knocks it up to 3rd by which time at 80- im reaching for 4th then he pulls away slightly again so its very close

weve tried all sorts of little races but the only time i really have him is when im at about 3k revs in third n booting it from there



The Mk3 VR6 (the only Golf called the VR6) is in my opinion the car that sits on the fence of hot hatch land and high-speed crusing world. Its fast in a straight line - plus or minus a bit on a 172 - but come the corners there are some problems ahoy. Thats mainly due to the sheer weight which a medium hatchback has to carry at the front and the fact that the Mk3 Golf isnt noted in motoring circles for its amazing handling.

AFAIK, there was a 4WD version of the VR6 in Europe - but not in the UK. Its not until Mk4 that 4WD Golfs officially came to our shores.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Yeah vr6man had a vr6 highline and he said it was slower than his Mk. 1 172 that he bought to replace it. I cant remember if ive raced any VR6s but every golf ive raced ive toasted. Even a black supercharged mk.1 with a big For Sale sign in the back of it - no wonder it was for sale!

My bro raced that green twin engined golf A7 UFO in his BRM - needless to say he was T O A S T.....

just spoke to my mate, and he said he was right the mk3 VR6 was 12valve as with the corrado. The MK4 which is known as a V6 4MOTION and not a VR6 was 24valve
  williams and trophy

hehe i raced the mk 1 golf with 4wd audi quattro 20 v turbo powerplant in the boot............

i was level til the lights went green lol then it was a case of where the fuk did he go??????? lol

thre are a few MK4 24Valve VR6 SUPERCHARGEd runnin around they put out around 280+hp......... dont think i would touch those

The old MK3 VR6s arent bad handling, its just the weight doesnt help it to be that nimble. Overall a good package though in my view. MK2 GTI 16v is the best though!


well, its ok, but teh MK1 is just the best and the original. The 1.8 8v is more thana match for the 16V its better looking....LOL

golf vr6 as simon said, is very similar to the 172 but my one would not beat my clio..

obviously, there can be differences performance wise in both cars but the golf was not faster....

maybe at the top end it would leave the clio but not 0 -60 and 0 - 100

the golf is something like 1600kg to the clios 1100kg and the same power output (174bhp)

its not going to be a massive difference but i would be very surprised if a car weighing 500kg more than my clio with the same power output could beat me.....

the clio "feels" a lot feels a lot more nimble...

the golf i loved to bits and as ive said in the past, have never come up against a 172 so i cant say EXACTLY how it compares but i think a bit slower is the answer.

and yes...i agree the vr6 is the one that people dont expect to see leaving them behind... "its only a golf".... "3 litre engine... dont be silly" are some of the comments i received when i had it... and of course the "i take it the lary purple car is yours then" :)

a friend of mine at work has one but i havent persuaded her to take me on yet :(

the mk3 was 174bhp 12v 2.8 litre

the corrado vr6 was 190bhp 2.9litre

the mk4 (v6 4motion) was 210bhp 2.8 litre 24Valve

the mk4 R32 is a 3.2 litre 260 /50bph 24valve.

the mk3 is faster than the mk4 as the mk4 looses a lot of the extra power to the 4 wheel drive system....

the r32 rules..

1 second slower than the focus rs round the topgear track

and a lot faster than the new scooby doo....

cant remember who does the s/cs for the vr6s but the ones i was looking at put the 174 12v up to 250bhp !!!