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Good / Bad Renault Dealers / Specialists

in the surrey / hampshire area..

and more importantly around Liphook / Farnham

I know there is a dealer in liphook..but r they any good??? and is there anywhere else round here ???

  CTR EK9 turbo

Never been to Liphook garage, yet. What ever you do, do NOT take your business to Renault Woking (SMC). The service department is awful and they are very negative (all departments). After asking (once again) when my car that was having a new gearbox was ready, the service (monkey) was quite rude to me saying "we will CALL you when it is ready!". They never bothered to call me and tell me the progress throughout the 2 weeks and 1 day that its taken to fix. They reckon that it takes 3 days to fit a gearbox!? I say b*ll*cks. thats one to miss then

so where do you go then simon172 ???

and have you or anyone else here worked out who the silver 172 belongs to on the way out of liphook on the left after the chipshop ???
  CTR EK9 turbo

I drive past that titanium clio pretty much every day when i visit my girlfriend, its on the left at the side of the road. I dont think he visits this site, but he keeps it nice and clean most times ive seen it. I bought my clio in cranleigh, im not sure where another garage is, but the reason im not impressed with the service at woking is because my car has been there for nearly 3 weeks now. Since the 1st of August its been in there getting a new gear box I spose you could try out the liphook garage, im sure theyd be ok - smaller garages are often better (nicer service people etc) The cranleigh lot are ok. Its in the industrial estate on the right as you go into cranleigh, before you go over the bridge with the traffic lights on. Their number is: 01483 276550 and Nigel is the guy who runs the service department, they are really nice usually....(hey i didnt even need to look that up on my phone! - surely a worrying sign.... I think mine was definately a friday afternoon job....)

yeah, me too !!!!

well, i drive past where its parked but its never there in the morning, either that or i am still asleep when i drive past

well i may give liphook garage a go with this knocking noise / down pipe / engine mount issue and see what they think

failing that ill get someone else to have a lookey for me