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good components and general ice help

ok after my post about 6x9s ive been told by a few that they arnt realy needed and for a good sounding sytem all you need is some good components and a sub and correct amp, so what components are good? also i havnt got a sub yet so what should i go for? want an 8" or a 10" ive got a vibe vp2 amp at teh moment but i will need another one now right? its only 2 channel and i need 3 now right? or could i run the components just of my head unit and bridge the amp to run the sub? ive just ordered an alpine head unit, the one which comes witht he ipod connection..

see the post named 8 subs!! i have a boston acoustics 8.5 lf pro sub for sale, all it needs is an enclosure

sub needs to be powered from an amp, the vp2 is ok to do that task on its own when bridged

personal choice as to whether you amp the components up, i do all the time, other people dont see the benefits, again, its all how you feel about ICE and SQ

good choice with the alpine unit though
  Polo + Micra

im running my comps off my hu (2x50wRMS to a set of 50wRMS comps aint bad)

but id use your amp for your comps and maybe get a class d amp for your sub
  Polo + Micra

well 4x60wAlpine=4x25wRMS ish

so front channels for the tweets 2x25wRMS
and rears for the mids 2x25xRMS

so that = 2x50wRMS;)
  Megane R26

Didnt know you could set components up like that :p

Got my Rainbow SLX230 Deluxe thru today, cant wait to connect em up :eek:
  Polo + Micra

well when they dont come with a x-over you might aswell make us of the one inside the hu:D
  Megane R26

Yeah took your advice Bryan in the end :p, Gunna be running off BlackBox3 amp, then got the 12" Vibe Space sub running off the monoBlock3 amp. Dunno what to do about rear fill, gunna run cables (RCAs), but havent got an rears as replacements yet.