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Good garage in London/near London


  Clio 1.6 Initiale Au
Already had some help for the multitude of faults sold to me with what has turned out to be a right lemon. Thank you. Enticed to this car with a too good to be true price. A schoolboy error. So I have been left with a 57 plate MK3 Phase 1 Clio 1.6 Auto Initiale with Semi Auto gearbox with a dash that is lighting up like a Christmas tree. Battery drain, faulty wipers, tailgate and doors not locking, fan not working . Maybe UCH or the main fusebox.

Have been told Two Tecs in Dartford a good shout to get it sorted. AW Motorsport in Essex.

Any nearer suggestions near North London ? Both are a fair drive and lacking confidence this electrical disaster on wheels will make it? If the two above are the best I'll go with them. Worse case I get towed if it breaks down!



ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172
To be honest, I'd gamble on getting it to one of those two, even if it's on the back of a truck. They're both well regarded Renault specialists. I've used AW motorworks a few times and have nothing but massively fantastic things to say about them. But they are generally booked a bit in advance.


ClioSport Club Member
  Golf 7.5R & Clio 200
Can't speak for TwoTechs, but can for AWMotorworks (I'm there in a few weeks myself). He'll fix it, whatever it is.


  Clio 1.6 Initiale Au
Cheers. Some reassurance I'll get the Clio going again! Things in a sorry state!