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No compromise Supercharged ek9 progress thread


ClioSport Club Member
If I did it wouldn't be courtesy of a stickerbomb book or from the offerings handed out on a mag. Just felt a bit like I was buying a spotty teenagers magazine with the plastic cover stuffed with giveaway junk. :eek:

Also I seem to remember reading 1993 in the article, if so they either had a typo in it or have no clue what age your car (or any EK9) is!

Things have changed... I have only been gone 4 weeks lol
  Charged Superleggera
A few pics from the weekend....





I still havent received all the pics from fastcar but i was emailed a few for the photoshoot..



  MK2 FRS/Mini Type R
Surely I must be missing something here??. You have spent an absolute fortune on this car, which may I say is awesome, you finish it, then you strip it down and sell all the parts a lot cheaper than you bought them for... instantly putting you in negative equity..?? why not keep it and get some use out of it??

Not sure I understand your logic on this as its one of the best EK9's ive seen and would'nt want to strip it down to lose brass...
  FN2 Type R +MK6 Golf
Dont see why you would go to all that effort to sell everything off it a week later.I would of had to have a year in it at least.

Should of opened the car window when you bought it and just chucked 7k straight out the window.


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  GW X200 CUP
In most cases the build is the fun part. Build a fast car, cant use it to full enjoyment in organic conditions in the uk.

Yo the guy above, Its a loan he pays it back? You havnt paid for his loan.
All gone a bit b**chy in here. I know why Firas sold up and as for breaking it it's the only sensible thing to do given how much he'll recover vs selling it as a whole.

Comments about student loans are a bit petty too given that most piss theirs up the wall on beer and kebabs. I've no idea whether it was personally financed or a student loan but either way it'll get paid back. Firas is a sound lad and I'll be interested to see how the next project turns out.
  V6 Mk1, Golf GTI Mk5
Was not expeting this, fair enough though done what you could with the clio and now the same with the EK9. Awesome car and sure you wont loose to much money as proper jap parts seem top hold their value and I know what firas is like... 4 turnis for £70 if I remember correctly!
  Charged Superleggera
Im not going to get in an argument with anyone over what has been posted on this page, despite how offensive some of it is. If you think a student loan could pay for this build and cover living expenses in Edinburgh then you are deluded. I don't owe a single penny on either of my cars to put your mind at ease.

Anyways...I have been thinking about breaking the car for a few months now as my heart hasn't been in it for a while but always managed to convince myself to hold on to it. My circumstances have now changed and i no longer have as much time as i would like for it. In addition I am into the last year of my course and would rather concentrate my time and effort into getting my degree, which is more important to me despite my love and dedication for this car/build. Any spare time i do have, i would like to spend doing a bit of travelling and a few other things which i would like to do before i graduate. Although admittedly, i spent more time under the car than in the drivers seat, i have no regrets at all and enjoyed every second of this build. Anyone that has been in/driven it will know that its not just a pretty face but a very capable car as well. I am as always grateful for all the comments i have received over the last year and a half which have always motivated me and im sure it wont be that long before i get another bigger project on the go but for the time being im taking a break to do other things. I was hoping people would respect my decision instead of b**ching about how i allegedly pissed away their "hard earned money" but i guess that might be too much to ask from some.

Anyways i will leave you with the rest of the pictures from a few weeks ago.....
































As I've said in PM's the car and project are a credit to you and it's just a pity you didn't get to enjoy the car for a year/summer and really get the use out of the well chosen mods. Would have been good to see it get a proper work out on track.
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Been good reading the thread until everyone ruined it, hope you do another at some point in the future...
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  FN2 Type R +MK6 Golf
Ive never questioned the funding but i think its a shame to get a car to such a great level then give it away...

Look forward to reading your next project if you do one by the way...
  MK2 FRS/Mini Type R

After all the labour, thought, and dare I mention it, cash that has gone into creating such a car, I find it hard to believe you have decided to break it.. Its a real pity someone couldn't offer you the true value of what the car is worth as it stands... just a real shame in my eyes to rip it apart!... :-(
  Rb 182
Seems a real shame, but tbh its your car and you obv know the best way to make your money back.

I look forward to your next build.