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No compromise Supercharged ek9 progress thread

  S3 Sportback, Ninja
I just wish you'd have done an m3 and sold the bits off cheap.. Seems ridiculous from my point of view but I suppose you had your reasons. Look forward to seeing your next project... Dare I ask what you spent on this one?
It's a pity that some enthusiast couldn't reach a middle ground with you and keep it in one piece. I loved reading this thread. True dedication.

Will look forward to the next project.
Its your car so do what you want. It was and still is an epic build. Will you start the first ever un-progress thread?

But be honest... your Mrs put her foot down and said no more toys didn't she....
  S2000 + E91 330D
The most epic ek9 build. I was quite shocked when I heard you were splitting, at least I have a chance of owning the cleanest ek9 now ;) ;)
Fair play for the build, really gave me loads of inspiration to take mine as far as I did!

:) x
More/new pics of yours required btw ^^

I'll be taking some once I've had mine detailed and replaced my bonnet/boot badges and the Volk stickers.
  CLIO PH1 172
Turkish i dont think iv ever seen yours ? have you got any links? intrigued to see what your cars like!
  Clio 172
Firas what you have done is absolutely phenomenal iv just sat here and read through the whole thing and time has just flew! Good luck with the future!!


ClioSport Club Member
  Focus ST225, Focus E
Shame to see your breaking it mate, but needs must, good luck with your degree and I look forward to seeing your next project!


ClioSport Club Member
  330e, golf r, EP3 s4
always loved reading about this car and the effort that went into it! well played! shame to see it go but I am sure once uni is over we shall see another epic build :)
Massive shame it's been broken but needs must and all that.

Just fitted your old Recaro low seat rails this weekend. ;) Make the world of difference!