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Goodridge Brake Line Question??


ClioSport Club Member

Car is in the garage today getting all my bits fitted.

However my mechanic just called my dad to say that he's seen these lines: not work before, go floppy or something and something about not as good as the standard ones. Not sure exactly what was said but you get the gist.

I told him to go ahead and that I've been told these are the best. The ones I have are stainless and not zinc so maybe that was what he'd come across before.

Just thought I'd double check with other people who will know for sure.

These are definitely better than the standard stuff right? Sound like a stupid question but I'm just after confirmation.



ClioSport Club Member
This is what I was thinking. Thanks for just confirming.

What about the difference between the Zinc braided ones rather than the stainless steels. Would the Zinc plated ones deteriorate as such?
  BG182ff,explod Focus
I don't remember which one but there was a guy on another forum a few years ago who was fitting a set of HEL braided lines and managed to pull off the end off one line with no effort and when he tried some others they came off too with only a little more effort.

Perhaps your mechanic is thinking about something like that?