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Goodwood festival of speed 2012

Few of my shots from Saturday
Sold my 70-200 f4/L and bought a 70-200 f2.8/L last week - first time I've used it and my god it's stunning. Just pin sharp all the time and focus is sooo fast


Firstly tried some "panning through people" type shots like I've seen a few on here do, not sure how I feel about them but was good to have a play at something new


Goodwood Festival of Speed - Mazda MX5 by Phil_Barker, on Flickr


Goodwood Festival of Speed - Lexus LFA by Phil_Barker, on Flickr


Goodwood Festival of Speed - Gumpert Apollo by Phil_Barker, on Flickr

Then a few static ones


Goodwood Festival of Speed - Ferrari F40 by Phil_Barker, on Flickr


Daytona <3 by Phil_Barker, on Flickr


Goodwood Festival of Speed - Renault F1 by Phil_Barker, on Flickr

Then a few of my more "traditional" panning shots


Goodwood Festival of Speed by Phil_Barker, on Flickr


Goodwood Festival of Speed by Phil_Barker, on Flickr

This last one isn't a particularly good photo as I ran and rushed the shot - but I never thought I'd get to see a shelby cobra coupe in real life, let alone going up a hill climb! Made my day :D


Goodwood Festival of Speed - AC Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe by Phil_Barker, on Flickr

Comments and criticisms welcomed :)
  RIP Dan
Enough with gay cars....




Our 250 2 strokes which we rode to Goodwood, the Suzuki ran out of electricity before we even got on the boat. No surprise...


Nice pics Phil, I didn't take my SLR as my rucksack was bursting. I wouldn't recommend touring for any longer than 10 minutes on these kids of bikes, my glass spine wouldn't anyway.:p

Goodwood was awesome, Friday was a perfect day for me as I hate the general public. I would have been murdering within minutes on Saturday or Sunday, pretty cool to meet Kenny Roberts and Wayne Gardner, the open pits are a great idea.


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