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Goodyear F1 gsd3


Just had these fitted to my MK1 172 and am a bit dissapointed compared with the OE Michelins that were on it.

Seems to have lost loads of feel and feedback, random turn in response, heavier steering, not precise around flowing bends. All in all pretty negative. Only plus point is the braking and wet weather performance seem ok.

Anyone else got them?


P.S. Could it be down to them needing bedding in? Done around 100 miles and cant see them improving massively.

In my old car i didnt notice much difference to start but i soon found myself takign RAs a bit quicker.

Oh and the BIG noticable diff was that my driving in the wet was almost identical to my driving in the dry.
In a league of their own on the wet stuff.

Also in a league of their own in rate of wear


There 195 50 15.
I payed £49 each inc. fitting and balancing.

Was considering toyos at the time but the guy at the place said theyd had bad feedback about wet weather performance compared to the goodyear. (toyos were going for £44).

  Clio 197

Most any new tyre will feel a bit squirmy for a while, especially if your last set was fairly well worn. This is due to the extra rubber in the tread.

The wet weather improvement is also due to the extra tread depth. As your tyre wears down, wet weather performance gets worse and dry weather feel gets better. That is why racers have wet tyres, intermediates and slicks!

Due to the varying road conditions, all street tyres have to be a compromise design.

I got Goodyear F1s the side wall split on one of them lastnight!!!
Went to get a new one this morn and they said i need the new model one. £105!!! Lovely!
Found the older model one to match the rest of my tyers in the end still £94!!
Not bad tyers tho.
And thats 205/40/17
  BMW 320d Sport

Dont know the GSD3. The old GSD2 pattern is the one I know which were definitely the best tyres Ive driven.

I like my Toyos at the moment but Id still go back to Eagles for their wet weather performance if I had the money!
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

If they are anythging like my Bridgestone S03s they have a dual compund so take a little wear to feel a lot better.

Yep the S-03 needed a few 100 miles to bed in give them abit of time they will surely improve.

Also check the tyre pressures though as they could be wrong and that would give similar failings with respect to the handling, best thing to do is by your self a proper gauge and your own pump and check the tyres when cold, if you have to drive somewhere to put air in the increase the pressure by about 2 psi over manufacturors recommended levels to compensate for the change in pressure due to heat


Sorry guys and gals but the SO3 PPs suck.....
The previous tyre (the SO2 PP) was and still is a better tyre, the SO3 is a direct replacement for the SO1, the SO4 will be the replacement for the high performance SO2
If you never saw the tyre test that one of the mags did, the SO3 was by far one of the worse tyres they had tested, the F1 was actually the winner but the SO2 would have matched and bettered it it is one of the all time great tyres and even the people who sell tyres know this
Just dont put Avon ZZ1s on your car.... they are scary!!!

(proud owner of one of the last sets of 215/40/17z rated SO2 PPs )

Youll get no argument from me I am of the same opinion Tony, S-03 arent very impressive and were not as good as the GS-D2 they replaced on my car, my intention is to put the F1s back on when I change this set.

do you guys over there in europe have the yokohama avs sports??? i rate those within 5% of the s02s...and they are a bit cheaper too...