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GPS Tracker


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I know this is a long shot but after seeing what apple have brought out with the Apple AirTag that is used along side Find my iPhone im thinking of buying one and hiding it in the car. Its looks about the size of a £2 coin and they are £29 when available.

As for battery life, Apple says that ‌AirTags‌, thanks to their use of low-energy, and encrypted Bluetooth, feature more than a year of battery life. Once the battery does run out, it can easily be replaced since they use a CR2032 coin cell battery & its IP67 Water resistant.

Maybe worth having something hidden in a car if in storage.

While Apple never mentioned a specific Bluetooth range for AirTags, they say "within Bluetooth range," which can be up to 800-feet with a direct line of sight. If that's the case, then the range for Bluetooth is incredible with the AirTags, and certainly blows the 200-foot range of Tile Mate out of the water

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Flat Eric

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Have a look into the vodafone curve trackers

They use proper GPS rather than Bluetooth.

I paid 15 quid for mine with a 2 quid a month subscription.
Works brilliantly

Just read in your post about the battery life, with ours it needs charging every 5-7 days but the Mrs sticks it on charge whilst she is at work on secure car park.


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Also uses any other iPhone or Apple device with gps that come into range to update its position which is really smart.


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Trackers like this have been around for ages, but they were always s**t cos it relied on someone else having the app installed, and each product had it's own app so there was never any chance of it being found..

The Airtag has a much better chance of working if any Apple device will connect to it.

You can get small GPS trackers that use SIM cards, can be hardwired into a car and about the size of a pack of fags so easy to hide.