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green brake pad part!!(this right)?

iv got these brake pads from GSF, The part No. is R64276FG, its meant to be for a mk1 172 clio but when i did a search on the web and also on the invoice it says its for a megane 98' model. could someone please check for me if this is right? getting it fitted this weekend so want to have the right part before i start the job.

cheers guys
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You're right it does say megane '99 but cant get a picture up so cant say wether they'll fit the 172 or not!! I know the ebc greenstuff i bought for my mk2 ph2 clio fitted my cousins valver so maybe its possible!!

come on fellas i know u keep your invoices, take one thing of my mind so i could chill out abit.


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They are the same pads for the mk2 ph2 172 / 182 as the megane . Not sure about the ph1's but i'm pretty usre they are all the same pads .Thats the right part number you've quoted for ph2 172's anyway and 182's .