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here theyre very good, members on here have had some good quotes.

PLUS... if you part with £5 to join the club... you will receive discount with Greenlight car insurance.
  2002 Clio Dynamic

Very good i got my insirance just there with them,Excellent quote and you get a like for like with any mods that you have plus a discount since you are a member of CS!!!!:D
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

Good? Good doesnt come close. AWESOME for modifications. From what Ive seen as long as you dont change the cc of your engine or fit a turbo/supercharger/throttle bodies, you can have any mods, roll cgaes, coilovers, etc etc and pay no additional premium.

Also - when you buy insurance from them it comes with European Fully Comp Cover as well which means you have no excuse not to go on ClioSport events abroad. :)

Top people, very friendly.


ClioSport Admin
  LY 220 Trophy

Yep, got me insurance with em at present and they havent disapointed yet and theyre only down the road from me if i want to save myself 20p and go for a drive;)

They are on the top of my quotes list at the moment beating the next by about £200 so far!

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