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GT exhaust system

  AG 200 CUP

I'm thinking of getting a new exhuast system for my GT. The only one i have found is this one but it comes with a silencer so does this mean it wont sound any different? just don't want to pay that for nothing. i am a bit of a newbie to this as you can probably tell lol can anyone advise me on this system or if there is any more for a GT? there seems to be a real lack of parts for the GT does anyone know why? its the 1.6L VVT petrol as well thanks.
All exhaust systems sound different....

I guess the 1.6 GT isn't a popular model for tuning, that would explain the lack of after market parts.
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Thanks for that. i'm guessing a custom system would cost more and need to go to an custom exhaust manufacturer?
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Not necessarerreiierreerily no.

Worth spending the money on it though? Remap and exhaust is something ive always wanted to do but dont want to pour money into the car anymore.
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i just wanted it to sound a bit bitter (not chavy) lol and i hear alot of people saying induction kits are no good. tbh im not fused about getting any extra horse power it feels like a ferrari comparing to the 1.2 punto i had before it. it's a really good looking car just it doesn't sound it.
You can also get a bit more noise for free from a standard car by unplugging the cold air feed slightly from the airbox (thus getting a mix of warm, turbulent noisy air and nice cold air), so you may as well try this before spending money. Hopefully another GT/mk3 owner can offer an opinion of the difference made, if any (depends on the car: made a really nice difference to my 182, but doesn't make much of a difference to my current car).

Induction kits might infact be quite good for your needs. CS will be very keen to point out that far from gaining power an induction kit may even lose you power due to inducting less dense air meaning theoretically less power. It may also cause your MAF sensor (£80 or so at a guess?) to fail prematurely if it's of a certain type (I'd like to point out I don't know which type the Clio uses though, so I don't know if this negative is even relavent).

HOWEVER you're unlikely to notice 1 or 2 BHP, there will definitely be a huge difference in the sound and a second hand branded cone filter could cost you £50 odd (as opposed to five times that for an exhaust) - so for you a cone filter/induction kit doesn't sound a half bad idea. Plus f you're not mechanically minded/don't have jack/ramps etc then it's still really easy to fit yourself/remove to sell the car (unlike an exhaust which would require items to be bought/borrowed) Also, induction kits tend to only make their noise when you accellerate, whereas a cheap/chav/bad exhaust will be loud whether you're cruising along the motorway to work or accellerating.

If the cash is spare, an exhaust is the better long term option - assuming you're happy with the noise.

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  AG 200 CUP
apparantly you can use a K&N 57i induction kit which costs around £96 and found a video sounds really nice to be fair aslong as it's not going to cause major damage/problems to the car i might just get one since its like only one third of the price of the exhaust i looked at plus i downloaded an instruction manual of how to fit it and it's pretty easy by the looks of things :)