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Guess what happened next

  2012 WRX Waggon

yep...He turned left!!!

Which was the way I wanted to go!! I ended up in traffic for 10mins!

What a let down, I was SOOOO fired up, pulse racing, worthy foe, and he buggered off the wrong way. No wonder they were laughing!

Hey, clean....If you fancy Ill bring the cam thursday night if u want a record of ur victories.


YEAH! dont know if i will be racing though(complete lie), fancy going against that fiat coupe on video cos there are still a few peeps on this forum who dont believe. Adi is meeting us at the petrol station 2 so a bit of fun on the M60 is in order!
  2012 WRX Waggon

Hey - just remember Ive only got a 172! - You might have to tell me the final destination incase I lose you! ;).

I bet I bleedin do now!! LOL

Visceral do you have any more videos of your car?? it sounds class when you accelerated - what mods have you got on it??

and how good does that vw look sitting so low!!
  2012 WRX Waggon

nope, no mods std induction roar - now at 850 miles and counting!

the r32 had 3 baseball cap wearing drug dealers in it - probably had a boot full of stash aswell! Thats why its so low LOL.

I should have some more thursday night - But if clean and adi stuff me on the m60...u lot wont be seeing them!!! :devilish: HA HA HA!!

well i have obviously forgotten wot standard engine sounds like cos hav been away abroad for a week and not driven since getting back!!

i hav few videos of my car but can never realy keep the camera still enough to make out anything from them tho. Will need to try making few more.

I think R33 had a V spec model as well, its basically a more track biased model, theres also an M spec which is in between road spec and v spec.