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just got news bk 2 day on the extent ov they damage ,,, needs new fr headlight new fr bumper passagner side fr pannel and sum structual work :(----- so old cow decided 2 stop for sum unknown reason in front of me on a bank , just could not stop in time , manged 2 swerve into other lane but just caught her bk end :( , the passanger air bag went off , ripped my f**king chair:mad: then endend up in middle of rd blocking it off 4 over an hour.. she got out of her car like nothing even happend dozy old cow , her car was a sh*ty nissan micra worth £500!! i am f**king sick!!!
  Clio 197

I feel sorry for your troubles. Unfortunately, you are responsible for avoiding those dozy old cows. Whenever you are driving you should have enough room in front of you to stop in an emergency. If you had left the room, and had been paying attention, this would not have occurred. You did run into her, did you not?

Even on the Nurburgring, where most everybody is going flat out, the rules of the road apply, and you can be prosecuted and fined for becoming part of somebody elses misfortune.

Accept it as a lesson learned and move on. You got off lightly. Nobody was hurt. Count yourself lucky. It could have been a kid on a bicycle. Im sure you would be feeling much worse then...
  320d M Sport

Just make him feel Eddd why dont ya!!;) But yeah, he is right, Highway code states you should be safe and reasonable distance behind should the worst happen. Lifes a beatch sometimes.... bad luck mate.


Damn ! Soz to hear that mate ! :(

I now know that if i stack my car not to post it on here, lol !

I would feel much worse after having a lesson told by eddd ;) Just messing ! Stopping distance along wit concentration n everything else is always importent ! :D
  CTR EK9 turbo

just think of the mess if youd had no ABS!!!? (only kiddin ;) ) Bad luck matey, next time leave a massive gap.

I presume itl be an insurance job.

Why was she stopped?